Creating beautiful smiles
that last a lifetime!

Aleida Radzak

Practice Administrator since 2005

I enjoy seeing our patients grow as they become part of our DFC family. When they are young, I love to see their excitement when they've had a great visit with no cavities. Later on, we hear updates on high school life and activities, and the excitement that goes along with graduating. Knowing that we have been a part of helping them maintain those beautiful smiles warms my heart.

Shannon Petroske

Finance Coordinator since 2013

My favorite part about working at DFC? It’s hard to choose between our amazing team and the children, so I choose both! I absolutely love the innocent questions the children have about their teeth. They are so proud when they begin to understand and have a great check-up. It’s so gratifying.

Denise Brannan

Dental Assistant since 2005

My favorite part about working at DFC is my co-workers. They make coming to work everyday fun. The kids are super fun, too. I love seeing their smiles when they do so well at their appointments, and are rewarded with balloons and stickers!

Tricia Blenker

Dental Assistant since 2012

Working with children everyday is a great reminder that it’s the simple things in life that really matter. There’s no feeling like the one you get seeing the joy in their faces from something as simple as a sticker or animal balloon!

Ashley Parker

Dental Assistant since 2014

Working with my childhood dentist (Dr. Dennis) is special to me. He and all of my coworkers make coming to work enjoyable. I also love seeing the kids light up with big smiles – their gratitude is very rewarding to me.

Isable Aguirre

Dental Assistant since 2016

I love seeing when patients come back with a positive attitude about dental appointments, when their parents thought it wasn't possible.

Nichole Ledford

Patient Care Coordinator since 2019

My favorite part about working with kids is to be able to help them understand the importance of taking good care of their teeth while they’re young so that they can have healthy, beautiful smiles as adults. I had trauma with my teeth as a child, so I understand when some are not excited to come. I like to support those who are worried about their dental visits and help them to feel less anxious. It’s so rewarding when they learn that coming to the dentist can be fun.

Callie Jo Long

Dental Assistant since 2020

I enjoy working at Dentistry for Children because I truly love working with kids! They make every day exciting! I love to see how happy they get when I make them a balloon animal at the end of their visit.

Samantha Peternell

Patient Care Coordinator since 2020

My favorite thing about working at Dentistry for Children are the smiles, the laughter and the positive energy that we get from the children.

Kyla Athman

Dental Assistant since 2020

My favorite part about working at Dentistry for Children is being able to connect with kids. Especially those who come in nervous and leave with a smile on their face.


Dental Assistant since 2021

I love working with kids and being able to educate them on how to have a healthy smile! DFC is also an amazing place to work, we are always having fun and laughing!

Brittany Rahn

Dental Assistant since 2021

My favorite thing about working at DFC is having the opportunity to make the dentist a fun place for kids to come. I love helping them to feel confident about their smile!