We provide highly-personalized, comprehensive dental care for infants, children and adolescents. Our team members create unique and positive experiences during every interaction, inspiring good dental hygiene habits that continue into adulthood. We create beautiful smiles that last a lifetime. (And, we’re fun!)

Meet the “KIDS” from our logo!

Our logo has a really special meaning to our practice. You’ve no doubt noticed the cute kid drawings in our logo, but did you know they were inspired by real children in Dr. Dennis’ life? Each child represented in our logo was an inspiration in their own unique way. We invite you to meet them!

Tatsuhiro Testimonial


Koonichiwa! My name is Tatsuhiro. I was a patient of Dr. Dennis’ when he was a United States Air Force pediatric dentist in Misawa, Japan. He took care of all my dental needs and made sure my smile was “Ichi Ban” (really great)! I am older now, but I always remember Dr. Dennis for taking great care of my teeth.


Gutan Tag! Kelsey is my name and Dr. Dennis is my dad. I was born in Germany when my father was a children’s dentist for the U.S. Air Force in Bitburg, Germany. My dad is helping me to straighten my teeth and improve my smile. The baseball room in my dad’s office is really cool! I like to come to the office and play the games and watch movies in the theater!


Hey, I’m Lebron. I am happy to be a patient of Dr. Dennis. I was born with cerebral palsy. Going to the dentist used to be very scary for me, but Dr. Dennis helps to make me feel comfortable when I come to get my teeth cleaned and checked. Now I love to go to the dentist.


Hola! Leykza is my name and I am Dr. Dennis’ daughter. I like to practice speaking Spanish with my dad. He grew up in Puerto Rico, so he can speak Spanish too. It’s fun to come to my dad’s office to get my teeth cleaned. I like the special room that looks like a tropical rainforest with lots of froggies.


Hello! My name is Regan. Dr. Dennis has been my dentist since I was a very little girl. He helps keep my teeth healthy and my smile pearly white! I have two baby brothers that also like to visit Dr. Dennis. My favorite part of getting my teeth cleaned and checked is watching movies in the kid’s theatre and playing the fun video games.



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